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Actividades Multiaventura Mallorca


Coanegra Gorge is a truly remarkable and awe-inspiring canyon in Mallorca, known for its stunning starting point featuring a magnificent 25-meter waterfall. As you embark on this adventure, you’ll find yourself immersed in the beauty of a Mediterranean forest, surrounded by vibrant green foliage and ancient holly oak trees.

Get ready to awaken your senses and fully immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience



In a valley on the southern face of the Tramuntana mountain range, near the town of Bunyola, lies one of the hidden gems of canyoning in Mallorca. Its basin doesn’t receive water directly, as it flows down from the highest mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.


From the village of Orient, you can catch a glimpse of a winding path that starts at the Comasema estate. To reach the gorge, you can take the road from Palma through Bunyola, a picturesque mountain road that passes through a forest of holly oaks and Mediterranean pines. Another option is to approach from the other side of the island, passing through towns like Inca or Pollença, taking an exit from the hisghway towards Alaró, and continuing on to Orient.


The adventure begins with a breathtaking sight at Salt de’s Freu, a magnificent 25-meter waterfall. As you continue, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a stunning forest filled with vibrant green holly oak trees. The path becomes more exciting, offering opportunities for jumps, slides, descents, climbs, and even rappelling.


For the return journey, we’ll follow the trail through the Coanegra estate, passing near one of Mallorca’s impressive chasms, the Avenc de Son Pou—a vast cave that used to be a popular tourist attraction but is now closed to the public. We’ll continue ascending until we reach a fork in the road, where we’ll take the left path to return to Salt de’s Freu and, a little later, to the road where we left our cars.


Location: Bunyola – Orient

Level: Beginner (N1)

Descent Season: (Rainy Season) Autumn – Winter – Spring

Canyon Type: Aquatic

Minimum Age: 14 years old

Approach Time: 15 minutes

Descent Time: 3 hours

Return Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Approximate Length: 7 Km

Vertical Drop: 250 m

Car Shuttle: NO

Meeting Point: Repsol Service Station in Alaró



€49 per person
€65 per person

*The “FIRST STEPS” difficulty level is a specially designed tour perfect for families, children, or individuals who are embarking on their first canyoning adventure. This tour focuses on the initial section of the gorge, where you’ll find the impressive Salt des Freu waterfall. Within the first few meters of the canyon, you’ll have the chance to experience jumps, slides, and rappels. The total duration of this tour, including the approach and return, is approximately 2 hours. It’s a fantastic opportunity to take your first steps into the thrilling world of canyoning.*

For the complete tour, a minimum group of 4 people is required to proceed with the activity. However, if you prefer a private tour, click the below button.


+ Certified canyoning guide/instructor

+ Third-party liability insurance

+ Accident insurance

+ Helmet + full harness (descender, carabiner, anchor ropes)

+ Wetsuit and booties, backpack, and waterproof container

+ Group equipment

+ First aid kit

+ Data protection and customer support

+ DOES NOT INCLUDE: Transportation to the activity (can be arranged if needed)


Food and drinks (1.5 liters of water + sandwich/snacks/nuts or fruits), sports shoes, water shoes for water activities, spare sports clothing, swimwear, towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen, and sunglasses