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Climbing in Mallorca


You decide which climbing activity in Mallorca suits best your needs,

we take care of the rest.

First of all, it can be said that Mallorca is a true paradise of natural rock climbing. Meaning that there are incredible sectors both in the sun and in the shade, offering all kinds of walls and inclinations. Slabs, vertical walls with small crimp holds, stone formations in form of water drops created by rain and erosion, overhangs with tufas and free-hanging stalactites, as well as amazing and shady caves where you can practice the most physical and fanatical climbing.

Furthermore, Mallorca is an island whose visit guarantees a time full of adrenaline and special experiences. What would a complete day of adventure look like? For example, you could start your day with a fanatical climbing session, then have a traditional and incredibly tasty lunch in one of the cute villages and finish your day at the legendary viewpoint mirador de Na Foradada. A very complete experience, don´t you think so?


In other words, our company not only has trained and experienced guides who know the Mallorcan way of life, but also know all about Mallorca´s climbing sectors and their hidden secrets. As a result, we offer the very best hints and tricks for you to avoid and escape the crowded time of the year in Mallorca, the summer.  In our opinion, the best time to come and visit Mallorca is at the end of spring (April to May/ June) or the beginning of autumn (late September to late October). Although there may be some rainy days, but the island is way less occupied, the temperatures are more pleasant and the climbing conditions in Mallorca are ideal at these times of the year.



For example, we combine the best accommodation options so you can enjoy all the activities mentioned before and be located in a strategic place on the island where the best climbing opportunities for you are close by. Whether you are travelling by your own car or van, have a rental car or neither of these options, no problem, we can come and pick you up. With us, anything is possible! A full day of multi-pitch, a climbing baptism or, why not, a multi-pitch baptism, supervised climbing or an initiation course for beginners (from the climbing gym to the rock), choose your experience.

In summary, if you want to enjoy a nice summer and combine it with a good climbing session above the sea or deep-water soloing in Mallorca, we can offer you that too. You can choose, as a first option you can discover new places from the ground on a deep-water soloing day, progressively approaching the techniques, the de-climbing and exiting the cliffs.

Or as a second option, you can experience an incredible day on a sailing boat. You can stay on board as long as you need to, swim in the crystal-clear water, snorkel and even explore some of the best climbing walls above the sea, accessible exclusively by boat.


What we want to tell you is that we work with the sailboat Teorema from the  Navegando sin rumbo  company. Both its captain, who has a lot of experience in sailing and is also a climber for over 20 years, and its crew, will surely give you an incomparable great sensation: how does it feel like to stand alone in front of a big climbing wall in Mallorca?

If you have any questions or doubts, we are always at your absolute disposal and will be happy to help you.


Worry only about enjoying the experience


We are professional guides with extensive experience


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What is climbing and why should you choose it?

Climbing is a sport that takes place in the nature, in the mountains, more precisely on the vertical rocks that mountain valleys offer us. It is a holistic activity that is classified as one of the most positive sports for the body and the mind.

Climbing in Mallorca

While the province of Mallorca is particularly known for its beautiful coasts, it also has impressive mountain areas that are perfect for activities such as:

Climbing baptism, for those of you who want to have their first experience of sport climbing.
Multi-pitch, for the climbing experience without fixed limits and an adventurous adrenaline-packed climb.
Sport climbing for those who want to discover and explore new routes in the province of Mallorca.
Deep-water soloing, try your luck in the special climbing experience above the sea, a very fun and refreshing experience!
Mountain summit hiking, walk along the mountain peaks, an activity full of sports, adventures, and nature!