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Climbing in Mallorca


Choose the perfect climbing activity in Mallorca that suits your needs and leave the rest to us.

First and foremost, let us tell you that Mallorca is a true haven for natural rock-climbing enthusiasts. Picture incredible spots basking in the sun or hidden in the shade, offering a wide range of walls and inclinations. From gentle slab climbs to verticals with crimps and fascinating rain-eroded formations resembling water droplets, and from overhangs with cascading water streaks to captivating caves that provide a challenge for the most dedicated climbers.


Mallorca also provides a hassle-free playground to immerse yourself in a full day of exhilaration and passion.  Imagine starting your vacation with an invigorating morning climbing session, followed by a mouthwatering traditional meal in one of the island’s charming villages. And to top it all off, catch the mesmerizing sunset at the iconic Na Foradada viewpoint. It’s a complete and unforgettable experience, don’t you agree?



Not only do we have expert guides who are deeply familiar with the Mallorcan way of life, but we also possess an intimate knowledge of the island’s best climbing spots and all their hidden treasures. This allows us to offer invaluable advice and insider tips to help you avoid the crowds during the busiest times, especially in the peak summer season. We firmly believe that late spring (April to May/June) or early autumn (late September to late October) are the ideal times to explore Mallorca. While there might be a few rainy days, the reduced occupancy, pleasant temperatures, and optimal climbing conditions make it the perfect choice.




Our offerings are designed to cater to your preferences and needs. For instance, we combine exceptional accommodation options that ensure you not only enjoy the activities mentioned earlier but also have the advantage of being strategically located on the island, granting easy access to the best climbing areas. Whether you’ve brought your own vehicle, rented one in Mallorca, or require transportation, we’ve got you covered. With us, everything is possible! You can choose from a thrilling full day of long-route climbing, an introduction to climbing for beginners, or even a guided course that takes you from indoor climbing to outdoor rock climbing. The choice is yours.


So, if you’re seeking the ultimate summer adventure combined with an incredible session of sea cliff climbing or deep-water soloing in Mallorca, we have you covered there as well. For the first option, we offer a day of deep-water soloing, exploring new spots from the shoreline and venturing into techniques such as approach, downclimbing, and cliff exits. As for the second option, we provide an unforgettable day aboard a sailboat, allowing you to seek refuge whenever needed, indulge in refreshing swims in crystal-clear waters, go snorkeling, and even attempt some of the best sea cliff routes accessible only by boat.




We take great pride in collaborating with the sailboat Teorema from the esteemed company Navegando sin rumbo. The captain, boasting extensive sailing experience and over 20 years as a climber, along with the crew, will ensure you experience the unparalleled sensation of being face-to-face with a magnificent rock wall in Mallorca.


If you have any doubts or inquiries, we are fully at your disposal and will be delighted to assist you.


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What is climbing and why should you choose it?

Rock climbing is a sport that allows you to connect with nature and the mountains, where vertical rock walls provide exhilarating challenges. It’s a highly rewarding activity for both the body and mind.

Rock Climbing in Mallorca

While Mallorca is renowned for its picturesque coastline, the province also boasts incredible natural mountain areas that are perfectly equipped for various activities, including:

Climbing baptisms for those embarking on their first experience in sport climbing.

Long-route climbing, where you ascend walls without a set limit, relishing the ascent and embracing the adventure.

Sport climbing for climbers eager to conquer new routes across Mallorca.

Deep-water soloing, an exciting opportunity to climb above the sea—offering a thrilling and refreshing climbing experience!

Ridge walking, an activity that allows you to traverse mountain peaks, combining sport, adventure, and nature.