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Multiventura en Mallorca | Actividades Multiaventura en las Islas Baleares


A brand-new way to discover Mallorca: coasteering adventure


Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearic islands. It is famous because of the Tramuntana mountains, where you can practice different outdoor sports such as: climbing, canyoning caving, Deep Water Soloing and coasteering in Mallorca … Our company of mountain guides is specialised in this kind of sports and we know the most beautiful and impressive spots. Coasteering Mallorca is the best way to combine cliff jumping, climbing, swimming, snorkelling, abseiling, rock scrambling and sea caving.


Cool yourself off by coasteering Mallorca


One of the best feelings in coasteering Mallorca is the adrenaline rush you can experience when you abseil off huge cliffs, scramble along the rocks, swim through caves, climb as high as you feel and jump from cliffs of 3-10 meters.

Coasteering Mallorca is the perfect adventure for families or friends holidaying in this island. Our qualified instructors will lead you along the island coastlines discovering different places to have fun with safety and comfort. You don’t need any experience coasteering Mallorca and you can explore in different adventures every time you come.


Coasteering Mallorca: North area


Discover Port de Sóller area coasteering. This is a technical activity where we do a long route doing a Via Ferrata, cliff jumping from 6 meters and the longest zip line of Mallorca.

An extraordinary half multiadventure day to enjoy Mediterranean Sea that fit for all the ages and physical levels. The only thing you need to coasteering Mallorca is to have a thirst of adventure and fun.


Coasteering Mallorca: South area


Explore the South of Mallorca by coasteering. This activity consist of doing lot of cliff jumps and abseilings from cala Romántica to cala Falcó. Furthermore, we visit hypogenic caves that will do this experience very exciting.

This coasteering activity of the South of Mallorca go all over the Manacor coast, where you can programme an extra-activity and visit the Coloms cave, deep water soloing in cala Varques or climbing in Cala Magraner.

This is a perfect activity if you are a couple or a group.


Coasteering Mallorca: East area


Discover Alcudia coast by coasteering. It is a perfect outdoor activity for families that visit Mallorca as you can do low height jumps, see crystalline water caves, abseil off cliffs and if you want to get your pulse racing you can jump from 10 meters cliffs. It is an awesome venue located in cabo de la Victoria. You will want to repeat Mallorca coasteering again and again.

Coasteering Mallorca: West area


Enjoy coasteering adventure in the Magaluf, El Toro area or discover Peguera area, in Calvià. It consists of a route in the wildest coast of Mallorca where you can find cliff jumps from 3-12 meters, abseiling, caving and a zip line at the sea. The ideal adventure for family, friends and team building.


If this summer you are looking for an exciting and funny adventure and you are holidaying Mallorca, coasteering will bring you an experience you will not forget. Please, contact us!