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Multiventura en Mallorca | Actividades Multiaventura en las Islas Baleares


Discover Mallorca from another point of view: a half-day adventure hiking along the coast, swimming and sea caving in cova des Coloms.

The biggest island in Baleares it’s known for being full of holes and underground cavities, like a gruyere cheese, which makes Mallorca a perfect destination for combining different adventure sports such as speleology, rappelling, coasteering and sea caving

The Coloms Cave (Cova des Coloms) is one of the most beautiful ones that you can visit in Mallorca. A half-day adventure along the east coast discovering a unique hidden place in a different and outstanding way: coasteering  and sea caving into Cova des Coloms. Get yourself on an adventure tour walking inside the earth into this sea cave with amazing karst formations.


Cova des Coloms is one of the most unique hidden places of the island. Live an amazing wild experience coasteering and sea caving Cova des Coloms!

Cova des Coloms is located between Porto Cristo and Portocolom, near Manacor. The tour starts from Cala Romántica, with a 40 minutes hike along the cliffs, surrounded by the typical Mediterranean landscape of rosemary, pine trees and turquoise water. When we arrive at Cala Falcó, a lonely small precious beach, we will get into the cave rappelling an impressive 25 metres cliff or snorkelling 300 metres until the cave entrance. Once inside Cova des Coloms, one of our guides will lead you through different galleries and stone formations as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and crystalline sweet lakes. One of the best adventures you can have in Mallorca: coasteering and sea caving in cova des Coloms.

Hiking, coasteering and sea caving in Cova des Coloms, between Cala Romàntica and Cala Varques, on the east coast of Mallorca Island.


Coasteering and sea caving in Cova des Coloms in Mallorca is a fantastic experience you can share with friends or family and live this adventure with our local experienced Mallorca Mountains guides in a half-day tour adventure. After this, you can also spend the rest of the day snorkelling and having a swim in this amazing location, or also doing deep water solo in Cala Varques, next to Cala Falcó. The best plan after coasteering and sea caving in Cova des Coloms!